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Why Typical Web Development Isn’t the Best Option

In typical web development, because technology is ever changing, websites become quickly dated and most require a redesign every 2-3 years.  While redesigns can be exciting, they can also cause some major headaches and setbacks along the way:

  • Traffic. Even if you are upgrading to a newer, better designed site, making a drastic switch to your website all at once can have a negative effect on your website traffic.  While search engines like  ever changing content on you website, sometimes a jarring change can be detrimental.
  • Confusion. There is a right way to handle it, but sometimes making dramatic changes to your website can confuse visitors that have been there before and make them think they have come to the wrong place.
  • Time. To design a website well, it takes time.  Not only the time of your development team, but yours as well.  It is important to put thought into the image that you are presenting online and this requires time and energy to accomplish.

We Believe in Growth Based Web Development

Constantly making changes to your website over time is the best way to approach website development.  Larger companies employ this technique and it works just as well for small to mid sized businesses.  The best situation is one where you are designing for your visitors and using the newest technology available. 

In Growth Based Development, we constantly assess your website for improvements and enhancements that will set your website apart from others and attract the most visitors.  Some months this might mean adding a new section, or redesigning your home page, in others it might mean using different plugins or widgets to help engage visitors, or even adding more relevant content to grab the attention of search engines. 

Developing your website constantly over time in this way lets people know that you care about your visitor experience and offers benefits over typical development:
  • Strategy. Growth Based Development helps you to think critically about your visitors and tailor strategies that will appeal to them. It is the perfect combination of design, seo and digital marketing strategy.
  • SEO. One of the biggest factors in a good search engine performance is an active ever evolving website.  By always improving your websites functionality and relevancy based on trends you are giving yourself and extreme advantage over your competition.
  • Time. Instead of months of work gathering materials, finding pictures and getting people to write bios, Growth Based Development allows you to implement these changes over time, when they are most relevant.

our websites are different

Today, you can find cheap websites everywhere, but simply having a website on the internet doesn’t help you. At Chroma, we build websites that are foundations building an online presence and are meant to give you an advantage over your competition. We build sites based on:

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