Case Study: Making Remote IT Services Understandable and Approachable

Making Remote IT Services Understandable and Approachable

When SingularisIT, a Remote IT and Cloud Services Provider, turned to Chroma Marketing Essentials for web development, the challenge was easy to spot. Almost any one of the capabilities and services provided by the company can be a mouthful.

Remote Desktop as a Service (RDaaS), Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Solutions, Managed Hosting at Data Centers featuring multiple networks interconnection, network resiliency, and low-latency metro connectivity. These are just a few of the high-end offerings available at SingularisIT, a company whose reputation is built on providing a comprehensive array of services relating to remote IT infrastructure and managed hosting.

At Chroma, our challenge was to craft a website that both conveyed the power and depth of these services while simultaneously making SingularisIT approachable and easy to understand.

The Three Things We Do Best

Let’s start with an analogy. When you think about it, the phone in your pocket can be described in terms of its mobile processor SOC (System on Chip) and as a device using the Android or iOS operating system. But starting in the technical weeds does little to galvanize interest.

When you know that you can capture stunning pictures in bright daylight, take Super Slow-Motion video, and turn your own picture into an AR emoji sticker, suddenly it sounds cool.

Bringing this approach to the daunting complexity of SingularisIT, our home page challenge was to deliver an engaging message without stepping over the line into language that might be too technical, “salesy” or, even worse, patronizing.

SingularisIT partners with businesses to save time, money and headache while maintaining an enterprise level of service and knowledge. They work to understand your business goals and learn your business needs, following up with sound, scalable solutions based on the direction you’re growing.

SingularisIT helps growing businesses overcome their IT challenges by providing the leadership and enterprise level service you’ve been looking for.

Acknowledging technology as only the set of tools in use, the three things SingularisIT does best are:

  • Savings (making the solution you need affordable)
  • Simplifying (organizing complex initiatives into understandable and actionable steps)
  • A White Glove Approach that brings a personalized, high-touch sense of excellence to every project.

The site’s home page includes lines like:

  • We bring cutting-edge IT to the only challenge that really matters: helping you grow and improve your business or organization.
  • Our job is more than supplying technology services. We work to understand your business goals and learn your business needs. We follow up with sound, scalable solutions based on the direction you’re growing.
  • We host all your IT resources in our data centers and MANAGE the entire IT infrastructure, including desktops, servers, and networks through our advanced IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service).

Main service offerings are easily accessed from the Home page, and all are explained first in terms of basic business value before any specific technical approaches are detailed.

A Bright, Open Design

Developing approachable language was only a part of the equation. The design and layout in which the information was to be presented had to be effective and competitive.

At Chroma, we researched a variety of competitive websites, including those for large, national database and cloud hosting services. These competitors have invested significantly in well-designed sites that quickly convey a sense of expertise and gravitas in the field.

The website for SingularisIT couldn’t appear a single step behind, as it is easy for prospective clients to click from one site to another and choose the provider whose online presence engages their attention within a few seconds.

From its banner images and user-friendly drop-down menu to the ease of selecting core services from the home page, the SingularisIT website provides a clean and balanced presentation that invites the user in for a closer look.

Information is presented in easily scannable blocks and broken out with captioned icons juxtaposed with high-end professional images. Calls-to-Action encourage a visit to the Contact page, a phone call, a click to a related page, or a download of a relevant white paper.

Website Technology

Chroma Marketing Essentials chose WordPress as the web and content management system for SingularisIT.

If you remember WordPress as a free blogging system with its roots going as far back as 2003, you may have missed the WordPress revolution. Today, WordPress powers over 30% of all the websites on the Internet and holds a 60% market share of websites using a content management system (CMS).

WordPress’s user-friendly interface means that editors with little web training and no coding experience can make basic updates with ease and without installing software. By logging in online with a user name and password, authorized editors can make text and picture changes, even add pages and update the website menu.

In addition to being easy to update, the site is fully Responsive, meaning it works well on mobile devices, from tablets and phones to the newest 2-in-1s.Best of all, WordPress is a technology that is always on the move. It’s no longer necessary to wait 5 years and do a redesign. Version updates to WordPress occur on a routine basis, as do updates to its plugins and themes.

That means WordPress stays ahead of the technical obsolescence curve, and site upgrades to keep SingularisIT fresh online can be handled without rebuilding from scratch.

WordPress is flexible and scalable. New features can be added as needed either by using an existing plugin or custom coding a needed integration. At last count, WordPress was on its way to having over 50,000 plugins, each one providing some useful piece of functionality from photo galleries and onsite forms to Search Optimization.

The SingularisIT Approach

The approach SingularisIT takes to serving clients, vendors, and solution partners is defined by its CEO, Semon Dorgam.

With a background in managing IT services at a publicly traded tech company, one spanning half the United States, as well as growing another business from 17 locations to over 80, Semon founded SingularisIT with two key principles in mind: to deliver client-centric, high-touch services and to bring enterprise level IT to a wide variety of businesses and organizations.

With this vision, Semon set out to bridge the gap between humans and IT.

At SingularisIT, the attention is on the client and how to help them succeed, grow their business, and operate more efficiently and profitably. They leave out the tech-talk as much as possible and focus on a one-on-one conversation.

It’s just a part of the “White Glove” attention businesses fall in love with at SingularisIT.

Name your challenge, and a SingularisIT Specialist works with you to meet your needs in a timely, budget-conscious manner that you will rely on for years to come.

According to Semon: “I don’t want to be the next AWS. I want SingularisIT to be very good for our clients – as large as we can be as long as we continue to provide true value. If we ever lose sight of that value, we’ve got to put on the breaks and fix it. Otherwise the vision falls apart, and at SingularisIT, we only hire people who share our ideals and can execute our vision.”

Why SingularisIT Chose Chroma Marketing Essentials

From our first meetings, it was clear SingularisIT and Chroma shared similar values. For both companies, the ethos is the same – providing managed services where personal care and attention to detail are critical to success.

Neither company sees itself as a specialist in a vertical market. At Chroma, web and digital marketing services are scaled to meet the needs of small businesses or large industries, with markets served ranging from HVAC fabrication to molecular diagnostics, from videography to a motorcycle museum.

Both companies also provide a comprehensive array of services. At Chroma, that means everything from web design and hosting to branding and marketing, from Social Media engagement and search optimization to e-Commerce and software integrations. We know that once you find a service partner, it’s a great feeling to know they can handle your growing needs without making you vet new vendors.

Equally true for both companies is that a bad customer experience elsewhere often drives new clients to make a trial of our services.

At Chroma, we find that people who have been through bad experiences make the best customers. All we have to do is delivery on our promises.

At SingularisIT, Semon steers his company along the same course. “When companies come to SingularisIT, we listen to what they have to say and we deliver what they want – we deliver on all of our promises: on the deliverable, migration, and conversion. We make sure there is ZERO downtime. Our customers say they have never had a migration experience as smooth as the one we provided.”

“When we deliver, our customers end up becoming some of the best referrals too. When you give someone that sheer comfort and reliability, they become your sales partner and proud of it.”

For More Information

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For More Information

For more information on services from Chroma Studios, visit our services pages. Call us at 724-523-3001 or contact us by email.