Growth Driven Web Design

Never Go Through a Web Redesign Again

For companies determined to seriously market their products and services online, traditional web design is fading into history.

The old, sometimes months long, process of design and content development is inadequate to deal with the interactive, real-time environment of today’s Internet, where a website can fall behind its competition in a matter of months or look abandoned when the last update was a holiday message from 2015.

Growth Driven Design is a smart process where your website’s performance is evaluated monthly and action is taken based on analytics. Developers continually optimize the site both for search engine performance and user interaction.

Today, websites gather an incredible amount of actionable data, including geographic and demographic information about your visitors, the path they follow in stepping through your site, how long they stay engaged, and even where they lost interest.

This information allows designers to leverage popular pages, correct issues that keep visitors from calling or that divert their attention from following through. Over time, this data allows developers to sculpt your company’s web presence into an effective online marketing tool.

Advantages of a Growth Driven Process

What are some specific ways growth drive web design beats traditional design and development?

  • Fast deployment of the initial site – starting small with a mission critical foundation.
  • Build out new, original content every month – a feature favored by Google.
  • Respond to analytic data throughout the year, testing changes to see what works better to capture traffic and convert visitors to customers.
  • Ongoing updates help maintain a fresh look and keep your website from falling behind its online competition.
  • Continually improves the user experience, tailoring the design and structure based on whether actual data shows the value of the changes made.

Growth Driven Design is often easier for the website owner, taking off the table the need to spend months focused on producing the perfect website and micro-managing every design decision.

In the growth driven process, for example, the web team may decide to move a contact form up and to the left, with a blue button instead of a green one. Analytic data provides feedback on the usefulness of the change, which can be rolled back or deployed more extensively depending on what works, rather than on personal preference or opinion.

Is Growth Driven Design a Good Idea?

To one degree or another, the question is irrelevant. Growth Driven Design is being adopted by successful companies and is here to stay. Competitive pressure will cause more and more organizations to adopt the growth driven approach, rather than accept a status quo where their websites look old and outdated faster than ever before.

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