Email Marketing

Using Email to Grow Your Business

Research shows that most people check their email at least once a day – so sending out strategic e-correspondence is a great way to get information in front of your target market.

Amazingly, even customers who do not read every email or e-newsletter benefit from seeing your business name in their inbox.  It reminds them that you are still around, still available to provide the same excellent service the next time they need you.

For potential customers who haven’t purchased a product or service from you yet, continuing to stay in front of them with relevant offerings and personalized emails, keeps you in their mind and helps convert them into paying customers.

Drip Campaigns and Auto Responses

Design targeted, automated email drip campaigns pointed at people's unique interests.

Targeted Email Blasts & Offers

Deliver short e-blasts and personalized messages to targeted contacts to let them know what you are offering.

Newsletters for Existing Customers

Stay in touch with existing customers and those interested in your business by sending regular newsletters.

Campaign Tracking and Monitoring

Track activity and results from your emails and receive detailed reports and recommendations for success.

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