Chroma’s Comprehensive Services

Achieving Online Velocity

How Chroma Powers Up Your Brand

Where are We Going? A stand out online presence, better leads, faster conversions, leaner projects, and more profit.

How do We Get There?  A forward-looking strategy, disciplined tactics, and a talented team leveraging new technologies to advance and enhance your business success.

If you’re already satisfied with your online reputation, the number and quality of your leads, the percentage of contacts you convert to new customers, how easy it is to manage your projects, and how profitable those projects are… stop!  Nothing for you to see here.  Move along.

For the rest of you who put in the long, hard hours, struggling to innovate and stay ahead, who aren’t just working in your company but building a business… you might want to hang in here for a few minutes.

Even if you don’t call us for a single service, you could walk away with a new understanding and a few great ideas.

All This from a Web Design Company?

CME Websites First Website in 2000

Not at all. If you remember us as CME Websites, your local web design company, you may have missed a few steps in our growth.  It’s a long story.  Here are the Cliff Notes:

  • In 1999 Jane Noel founded Computers Made Easy as a software training service.
  • By 2005, CME evolved into a website and web services company.
  • In 2015, CME branched into two divisions – full service Digital Marketing and Software Development.
  • In 2017, CME rebranded as Chroma Studios, a National Award Winning, Google Partner Agency capable of bringing new products and services to market, delivering the best in strategic branding and graphic design. Our broad-reach online marketing campaigns coordinate websites, ads, videos, social media, blogging, and more! Our software designs power new business opportunities and solve tough marketing challenges.

Along the way we learned some things we’d like to share.

It Takes Mission Control to Reach the Moon

It’s self-evident – there are endeavors in life requiring more than a team effort, they demand multiple disciplines coordinated toward a single goal.

  • A manned space mission comes down to a fueled bomb with a few brave fools aboard, without the support of distinct support teams dedicated to: flight control, attitude control, power, propulsion, thermal, attitude dynamics, and orbital operations.
  • Modern military operations are successful only through the power of combined arms, coordinated military branches, and in-depth technical support with a focus on data analysis and mission flexibility.
  • Life saving medical care is a joint operation, with disciplines ranging from surgeon and anesthesiologist to radiographer, genomics testing, pharmacology, nurse practitioners, patient advocates, nutritionists, and more.

In today’s modern, increasingly online marketplace, business success is no different. In depth support systems are essential. Place yourself in the shoes of the astronaut, the general, or the surgeon, and realize how your highest aspirations can never be realized without an approach that addresses the entire marketplace battlespace.

Let’s Walk You Through It!

How does it work then? If Chroma Studios brought its full multi-disciplinary, strategic approach to your business, what would it look like?

Discovery and Strategy

Our discovery team meets with you and your crew to learn about your business and understand your goals. We internalize the vision behind your mission and focus on the finish line you’ve set for success.

Working from a foundation of understanding, we build a strategy which utilizes and coordinates a variety of technical disciplines appropriate to the mission. This could range from product and service branding to eCommerce development, from Social Media management to custom software engineering.

Whether it’s the Cloud or Internet Marketing, we leverage current and advancing technologies to help you meet the challenging goals you’ve set for your business.

Branding and Graphic Design

If you hear “branding,” and you think “logo design,” think again. Branding is all about your mission, the key differentiators and value you bring to your target market. It’s about your strengths, weaknesses, and competitive advantages, as well as how the services you bring to the table help your company form long-lasting and profitable B2B and B2C relationships.

Branding is the promise you make to yourself and to your customers, realized in effective words and images, then presented to the world.

As full-service designers, we even handle all of your print design, promotional design. and packaging design needs.

Online Presence

Today, your company’s online presence is far more than a website. Merely publishing words and pictures to a webpage is no a recipe for success.

At Chroma Studios, we evaluate your competition and research their online footprint. Having a website is a liability when it makes your business look like the lesser choice. We check the accuracy of your business listing on Google and in over 50 online directories.

We craft a website that stands on the foundation of your branding – conveying the vision you’ve established for your company and effectively communicating the value of your products and services.

Growth Driven Design, today’s most powerful web development approach, assures that your website stays current in both technology and content, adjusting its size, message, look, and feel over the years in response to analytic data which provides the feedback you need to know what works and what doesn’t.

Digital Marketing

You wouldn’t go to an interview in cutoffs and a dirty t-shirt. Why would you draw attention to your company before you have a plan, your message down pat, and the look of a star player in the market?

After Strategy, Branding, and the launch of your new Online Presence comes Digital Marketing.

Far more than advertising, Digital Marketing encompasses its own set of systems and subsystems, each with its own potential value in solving your unique business challenges:

  • Search Engine Optimization. SEO encompasses a wide variety of techniques and technical issues, fromkeyword research and meta code development to on-page content optimization. Even web server response speed, site mobility, and site security are SEO concerns.
  • Blogging and Content Marketing. Both Google and your customers are looking for answers their questions and concerns. The more helpful online presence wins. Content development encompasses informative blog entries, case studies, white papers, FAQs, and even videos and infographics.
  • eNewsletters and eBlasts. Keeping existing customers and reengaging with them is far more economical than acquiring new ones. Maintain customer awareness by reaching out to them on a scheduled basis and give them a reason to take advantage of exceptional value you offer once again.
  • Google Search, Google Network, and YouTube Advertising. Chroma Studios is a Google Partner Agency with a certified Google Specialist on staff. We develop unique and innovative strategies, design, launch, monitor, and report on the effectiveness of the Google Advertising campaigns we manage. It’s a more personal and responsive approach than you’ve encountered before.
  • Remarketing. Everyone who visits your website, or your Facebook page, is not ready to buy or engage during that first encounter. Remarketing keeps your message in front of them across digital platforms, assuring that they remember your message when it’s time for them to take action.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, SnapChat, and many more.

At Chroma Studios, our Social Media Department works with national, regional, and local accounts – delivering your brand message across these personal communication and information sharing platforms.

In today’s online world, you’ll find your business is on Social Media whether you want it to be there or not. Your customers are talking about your products and services, sharing their experiences, and often looking for help and reaching out for your service and support through Social Media.

You can either have a presence to moderate, engage, and resolve, or leave your reputation up to chance and your worst critics.

We can help you find your audience, keep you message in front of them, engage effectively with customer service issues, and build your reputation for excellence online.

Lead Vetting and Management, Customer Conversion and Onboarding

Once you have new leads, how many do you convert to customers? Once you have the customers, how many do you keep for 5 years or more? Once you have a loyal customer, how many did you upsell to more profitable services?

What does is cost you to acquire a new customer, and what is your return on investment? What is the average lifetime value of every customer you have?

At Chroma Studios, we help you create a defined path from the first dawning awareness a lead may have of your company, though vetting the value of that lead, engaging with them, reminding them, and onboarding that lead as a new customer.

It can be a complex and daunting endeavor, but it can also be automated using advanced CRM and inbound marketing tools like Hubspot.

The goal is to build a powerful process that fuels your business with valuable new customers and ensures their loyalty through responsive attention and great service.

Analytics and Data Analysis

Even five years ago, we spent months making websites and agonizing along with our customers over every detail.

Today, data drives our decisions and informs our choices. We can move faster and test our designs with confidence, because now feedback is about far more than “hits.” We can analyze every action a visitor takes, including what device they used, where they came from, how many pages they looked at, and how long they stayed, often while knowing their age, sex, interests, and much more.

Whether the contact form goes to the left or right, top or bottom – data decides. Green button vs. blue, big logo or small, blog vs case studies – we walk each choice through its paces and see how your audience decides.

Regular changes and adjustments (A/B tests) allow us to optimize the performance of your website over time, based on the reactions and preferences of your web visitors as demonstrated by the data trails they leave behind.

Business Process Optimization

Sad to say, leads, prospects, and even paying customers are not the answer to business growth – not if your company is ill-equipped to handle its opportunities effectively, complete projects on time and on budget, and run a lean operation that generates maximum profit.

From proposal to contract, from project management to billing, Chroma Studios has developed proven protocols that:

  • Eliminate double data entry and create paperless operations
  • Link disparate software with data sharing integrations
  • Automate lead handling through click funnels
  • Help you vet and prioritize leads for maximum value
  • Build Apps to help your customers make the most of your services

Automate work flows and speed up project management

As a technology partner, we can to deliver cost-effective VoIP phone systems, custom software applications, cloud-based Microsoft services, and money saving credit card processing.

Is that All You Do?

Honestly, we’ve probably forgotten a few things or not given enough emphasis to others. Starting from a home-office in 1999, Chroma Studios has grown to be your full-service branding & design, online marketing, software solutions, and technology partner.

Our mission is nothing short of your business success.

We know your next question. Are these services available à la carte? Technically, yes. Depending on your choices however, it could be like opting for the surgeon while giving the anesthesiologist the day off or charging an enemy stronghold without air cover.

That said, we’re always ready to make our best recommendations and serve your needs within the limitations of budget and circumstance. For those companies who have their own marketing team, a trusted web developer, successful online advertiser, or the like – we are ready to offer services complementary to your existing team.

Perhaps your company is new to Social Media or weak on Remarketing. We can integrate our services with your existing service providers, following on their lead and enhancing your presence and marketing in new areas.

At Chroma Studios, we design strategic marketing solutions for companies ready to power up their brand. We create long-lasting partnerships through creative ingenuity, integrity, and a dedication to building your success.

Ready to experience the difference?  Call us at 724-523-3001 or Contact Us today.