Dan Falk

As the Director of Software Architecture here at Chroma Studios, I have a passion for delivering creative products that not only inspire people, but raise the expectation of what is possible.

My background in software development began from a young age, and since then, I’ve been constantly motivated to improve my skillset, including skills that you might not typically expect from an engineer.

I love creating new things, and I know that every project is a canvas with endless potential.

Facts About Me

  • I’m an expert wood whittler.
  • I’m obsessed with the Final Fantasy series.
  • I’ve been playing guitar and piano for over 10 years.
  • I know way too many references to classic rock bands.
  • At work, chances are I’m listening to a video game soundtrack.
  • I spend way too much free time day dreaming about ideas.

Skill Set

  • Programming (PHP/C/C#/Java/JS/HTML/CSS)100%
  • Application Design and Architecture100%
  • Data Analysis85%
  • Attention Span65%
  • Automation95%
  • Being Creative100%