Aaron Giagnocavo

I joined CME Websites in 2015 after grinding it out in logistics for 10 years at Sony.  My experience analyzing KPIs was utilized in the company quickly.  Although my position is project manager, I spend my time on other areas as well. Specifically, cloud based management systems and digital advertising.  View my certifications from Google.

Facts About Me

  • I’ve walked 217 miles in 10 days on a whim.
  • I’ve been playing chess since age 4 and I’m always up for a game.
  • I fasted for 5 days in hopes of reaching enlightenment… it didn’t work.
  • Some books that appeal to me are The Name of the Wind, The Wise Man’s Fear, and The Great Hunt.
  • In 9th grade I took a 3,000 mile road trip that landed me in the cities of Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary, and Minneapolis just to name a few.
  • I was nicknamed the grill god during my 3 year stint at the fine dining establishment of McDonalds.
  • I spent a year of my life in the Czech Republic. Go Ceske Budejovice hockey team!
  • I enjoy walking around Bushy Run Battlefield with my daughters.

Skill Set

  • Project Management80%
  • Search Engine Optimization55%
  • Google Analytics and PPC 90%
  • WordPress/CMS Solutions 65%
  • Nunchaku95%